15 Apr 2019

What is the deal with tummy time?

As occupational therapists, we are often asked why parents should place babies on their tummies? Is it really that important? Is it even safe? When should I start letting my baby have tummy time? How long should my baby stay in this position?   In order to answer these questions, we must know what ‘tummy time’ means. Tummy time is the common term that is used to describe a baby’s position when they are placed

Primitive Reflexes

Primitive Reflexes By Sibella van Wyk (B. Occ Ther UP) Let’s start at the beginning. What is a reflex? A reflex is an immediate and automatic response to a specific stimulus. In other words, these responses are not voluntary. Primitive Reflexes are a group of motor reflexes found in infants. These reflexes start to develop during pregnancy in the foetus and can be elicited after the birth of a healthy baby. ¹ These primitive reflexes