22 Jan 2019

Handwriting difficulties and how to ‘hand’le them

Handwriting Difficulties And how to "hand"le them   Many mothers that come into our practice have more or less the same question… “How do I help my child with his handwriting?”   Many children that are referred for occupational therapy, especially between the ages of 6 to 8 years, are referred due to poor fine motor skills impacting their handwriting abilities. This can mean any of the following: Poor legibility when writing Inability to write

Hoekom is dit belangrik vir my kind om aktief te wees?

Hier is 'n oulike artikel wat in die Rooi Rose tydskrif verskyn het wat aandui dat aktiewe kinders kognitief sterker kan wees.   https://www.rooirose.co.za/aktiewe-kinders-is-slimmer-kinders/     Disclaimer: This article was not written by anyone on the DOT team, and the article serves as additional information, and can not replace the opinion of a trained